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Author: Antypodish
Posted: 2016-06-14 12:55:42

3137 blocks
Max speed 50+ m/s for limited time, at altitude of 300, or jet engines will shut down.
Cruising altitude is 400, hence max speed is 40+.
Required cool down time, to recharge fuel.
3 cannons, two on top one on the bottom.
Lots of 3xfrag bombs, divided into two sets of slot 4 and 5.
up to 3 crew
- a pilot;
- rear top and rear bottom cannons;
- front top cannon and bombs drop control.

Additional auto control features:
- Openable bomb hatch, when close to the bombing target at 550m.
- Lift/drop gear system, when altitude is at 100m.
- Jet speed control switch off, when fuel is below 10%
- Propellers off, when speed is below 14 m/s
- Propellers low speed, at altitude below 150m
- Antimissile flare system

On side note :
Don't drop bombs, without opening bomb hatches!