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Few of my projects related to iFix. Some were just improvements, other were designed from ground up.

WAGO 750 I-O - MBE driver

Example of WAGO 750 configuration in iFIX data base. It uses analogue inputs, to get its data.


This is IGS OPC server configuration example, to be able communicate with hardware and iFIX.

Wago - PLC registry mapping

PLC stores data and inputs in respective Data Table. Attached hardware connects physically to the memory registry address on the PLC.
PLC need map Data Table to corresponding memory location

Wago - PLC registry mapping

Data Table from PLC must be mapped into iFIX data base, to be able store it states. That later can be used by other PLCs, to execute some logic, or to gather historical data. I.e. when wanting compare states of multiple devices over the specific duration of the time. Very important information for diagnostics of production behaviour.

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