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Unity (DOTS): 2K Procedural Creatures V02
I would like to share my recent works with you on my Genetic Neural Network. Deving this and debugging and testing was a bit up and down. But eventually I got it functional. Training done with 320 (adjustable) cars to go full path, took me approx 45 min. I need to say, that setting may not be optimal. But is functional. Plenty to be tweaked.

Second iteration of my procedural creatures generator. This this time using Unity 2020 DOTS, with spawned 2k creatures, along with procedural forest.

Obviously there is still tons of work to be done. But getting slowly onward.

This generator is aimed for my EcoPico project. More details about full project is here:

Unity DOTS and URP: 2K Procedural Creatures V02 (DOTS) by Antypodish

First iteration has some technical details about the concept, if anyone is curious

Body of creatures is using sinusoid function, with phase offset and amplitude, to create visual bendy shape. Additionally, body is divided onto 8 segments, which apply scaling. Making this way body wider, or thinner. Using Shader Graph.

There can be 2 to 8 legs, with 1 to 4 segments each.

They are randomly allocated on the body, using sin function offset.

There is no IK involver. Hence there is no animation of legs at current, while creatures are moving.

Unity DOTS and URP, geneetic animals by Antypodish

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