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ABB + IPG Laser Stainless Steel Melting
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This was side project during my PhD study in Lancaster University. The goal of the setup, was to melt stainless steel with laser, rather than cut steel.
Unity Point Cloud Kuka Robot Laser Cutting
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Unity Point Cloud Kuka Robot Laser Cutting Posted: 2019-07-31 03:55:00 This project aimed, to laser cut 3D scanned components via point cloud. Initially Points Cloud were generated using Ensenso N35 stereoscopic camera. Then mesh were cleaned with set of filters, using Meshalb and CloudCompare. This process were automated.
(PHD) Nuclear Robotics – Brokk 40 – Hydroleak Dual Manipulator
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Brokk 40, with custom attachment of 2 HydroLeak manipulators. This robot setup, was my main focus of study, as part of Nuclear Decommissioning requirement, for safe removal of derbies. The additional aim, was to install IPG 2K laser on the Brokk and along with 3D vision, to allow automated, or semi-automated cutting process. That would reduce risk, of human exposure to harmful environment, of nuclear sites, during deconstruction.
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