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Neural Net
Unity (DOTS): Genetic Neural Network (NEAT): F1Cars (Open Source)
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I would like to share my recent works with you on my Genetic Neural Network. Deving this and debugging and testing was a bit up and down. But eventually I got it functional. Training done with 320 (adjustable) cars to go full path, took me approx 45 min. I need to say, that setting may not be optimal. But is functional. Plenty to be tweaked.
Unity : Power Grid : Genetic Neural Network
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Project goal is to simulate behavior of power grid (very simplified), using Evolving Neural Network approach.
Unity3D : 3DoF Gimbal Controller : Neural Network
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Presenting 3 Degrees of Freedom Gimbal Controller, based on thruster controller for spacecraft (i.e. satellite) applications in Unity3D, using Evolving Neural Network - NEAT.
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