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(Eng) Desertification - 10kW Hydrogen FC Power System

Author: Antypodish
Posted: 2019-07-30 21:49:28

Author: Antypodish
Posted: 2016-06-14 11:48:07

In 2009 along with partnership of the AMAP and One North East, ECO2Trans hydrogen program of green vehicles in north east of England was launched. Its aim was to adapt two second-hand electric-powered minibuses (Gulliver U500EUK), into hydrogen driven vehicles. In 2010 there were some critical issues with a system and project has been stopped. However, it proved the idea of the concept. Since then fuel cell have not been used.

Therefore, in 2012 I have been given an opportunity to select related project to Fuel Cell system, as a final year project (2012/2013) for University of Sunderland.

So I have chose "10kW hydrogen fuel cell setup system". Aim of the project was to analyse existing device, recognise all components and prepare for start-up. Since there was no much of existing documentation, I was also asked to produce them where possible, as a part of my dissertation.

As for a final project, it was entirely up to me how I will identify any potential issues and if possible, to resolve them, prior to start-up. Final outcome showed that system is still running. This brought me a good expertise in fuel cells systems, hydrogen properties & handling and also a principles of CAN BUS system.

Below I would like to attach a link to my dissertation: