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Minecraft : Castles & Towns Building
There were times in my youth, where I spend time designing castles and towns around them. Minecraft has opened for me path for my creativity in the design and allowed me to see the results.

I loved complex structures, like castles. With various pathways, secret passages, and beautiful views balconies on lakes and marina. Or with a prisons, barracks, and thick multi grate gates.

Practically of the port town, with lumber mill, storage, market place and even under city suage.
Everything had to had own purpose, to build complex voxel organism. 

Synching vid with music, gives even more magic to the creations.

Castle Island was build on the anarchy server. However means, no cheating, no world creator. Need dig out by hand every single resource.

Antypodioum on other hand, was my creative field to play. Spent many months to build it, even tho using world builder pluggins on home server (bukkit).
Every single brick was designed put by myself.

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