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Unity (DOTS) – Destroy the Base! Sanctuary: Shattered Sun Early Demo – WIP
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As a lead programmer in Enhearten Media, I work with my team on RTS game, Sanctuary Shattered sun, which is inspired by many past RTS games, like Total Anihilation, Supreme Commander, or Zero-K. Our team of less than 20 heads count, build this game now for two nearly years. We use Unity DOTS as our main core. We focus on performance, multiplier, and modibility.
Stylised Artwork For The External Project
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While working on some project, I developed this stylised 3D artwork for my client.
From The Depths: Design Vehicles
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When just to play From The Depths, with well over 1000 hrs clocked, I have made many interactive designs of vehicles.
Steam Workshop Artwork Banner
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Created banner used, which I have been using at the forum of From the Depths game, as a reference to my steam workshop.
From The Depths : Modding
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When I was playing From The Depths, I took opportunity to learn Unity, C# and modding for a game.
From The Depths : Organising Multiplayer Session
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There just to be a time, when I did organise multiple multiplier sessions, to play together, on a mission, or against.
Bathroom Interior Design
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In 2016 I have been doing complete renovation of the bathroom in one of my relatives house. For that reason, I have design bathroom as on the pictures, with some help of my mam.
Garden Design
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2009 own garden design. Conversion from overgrown space, to pleasant front yard.
Minecraft : Castles & Towns Building
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There were times in my youth, where I spend time designing castles and towns around them. Minecraft has opened for me path for my creativity in the design and allowed me to see the results.
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